-We thrive to make the best out of your wedding day-

Below is layout for standard wedding process, if any client has different and unique plan for their event

we'll make it work in the best way possible.

1. Follow up

Prior to wedding date, we'll follow up with our clients for their event's plan, we'll then make a job timeline that is efficient and meet clients' plan.

2. Preparation at Bride and Groom place

On the wedding day, we'll arrive early to set up our equipment and have everything ready on time for the shoot.

We'll then take photos/videos of family, friends, decoration, shoes, ring, vow book, invitation card, etc..

After that, we'll capture Bride and Groom getting ready.

3. First look

One of the most emotional and memorable moment of any wedding is first look, especially of Bride with her dad and Bride with Groom.

With multi-angle camera setup we'll bring out the best of this beautiful moment.

We'll then have a fun session of couples and family, friends, wedding party.

4. Heading out to ceremony

Either your choice of place for ceremony is in a Church, in the back yard, on the beach, or in a venue setup we'll make it work and capture the moment beautifully.

5. Family and couple portrait

After Ceremony and before Reception we'll spend some time to capture couple with their family, friends, guests and of course, the couple themselves.

6. Cocktail hour, Reception and send-off

This is the most fun part of any wedding yet it still brings tears and emotion.

Any moment during a wedding is so precious and beautiful that we cannot miss as a photographer/videographer team, Reception is not an exception.

During Reception we'll capture the introduction, first dance, speeches, cake cutting, and everyone having fun on the dance floor.

Lastly, we'll capture the send-off with all the cheer showing everyone's happy for the couple.